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Confirmation Number
Booking Date Wed, Sep 24, 2008
Confirmation Number L3ICQI

Outbound flight details - All times are local
From Stockholm (Skavsta) (NYO) to Berlin (Schonefeld) (SXF)NO TAXES

Mon, Oct 27 Flight 9703
Depart Stockholm (Skavsta) (NYO) 06:30
Arrive Berlin (Schonefeld) (SXF) 08:10

Contact Address
Li-Wei Liu
Alfa House Room 211
Järnvägasgatan 3
Järnvägasgatan / Jönköpi 553 15
46-76-5838145 (Tel)
Stockholm (Skavsta) (NYO) to Berlin (Schonefeld) (SXF) 0.01 SEK
Fees, Services and Travel Insurance
Handling Fee 47.00 SEK
Total Payment Amount
Including handling fee 47.01 SEK

Payment 1: confirmed
Cardholder Name PENG YUEH CHIU
Card Number VI: XXXXXXXXXXXX5475
Payment Amount 47.01 SEK
Amount Paid 47.01 SEK
Amount Due 0.00 SEK
Your Destinations
Be sure to return to Ryanair.com, where you can find valuable
information about Stockholm (Skavsta) and Berlin (Schonefeld).
Passenger Details
1 Passengers
1. Li-Wei Liu
o Web Check in
o Pax carrying 0 Checked in Bag
Important Information
All travel is offered in accordance with Ryanair General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage.
Separate fees apply for airport check-in/checked baggage (15kgs per person/no pooling)/excess baggage/sports/musical/infant equipment - see Terms and Conditions of Travel for further details.
Flight dates, times, routes and passenger names are changeable subject to applicable charges - please see Terms and Conditions of Travel for details.
All fares, airport taxes/fees and charges are non-refundable.
On unused tickets - the only refundable element is the Government Tax, which is subject to a reasonable administration fee.

Ticket order Online
Thank you for your request
We have received this ticket order on the 02.10.2008 at 11:06 o'clock. The confirmation for your request will also be sent to your email address. We will deal with your request as soon as possible and we will sent you the ticket(s) per mail. Your credit card has been charged with the amount payable for the ticket(s).
Order no.: KBLZN7
Your journey
Itinerary Station/Stop Date Time Platform Products Reservation
Single ride: Berlin Hbf (tief)
Praha-Holesovice Fr, 31.10.2008 dep 10:46
arr 15:18 2
EC 175
Tickets: One-Way Ticket, 1 traveller (age: 24 years), 2nd class, Berlin - Praha
Offer: Europa-Spezial Tschechien 19,00 EUR
Postage charge: 3,50 EUR
Total 22,50 EUR
Notice: Tickets for specified trains, refund before the first day of validity: 15,00 EUR, no exchange, no refund after the first day of validity.
Payment notice: VISA Card, Card-No.: ************5475
Personal Data: Ms.
Li-Wei Liu
Alfa House room 211Järnvägasgatan 3
553 15 Jönköping
Sweden (SWE) Delivery Address: Ms.
Li-Wei Liu
Alfa House room 211Järnvägasgatan 3
553 15 Jönköping
Sweden (SWE)
E-Mail: minist2003@yahoo.com.tw
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Tip: You can make bookings without obligation at many hotels. (Hotel accommodation stated below subject to availability).
Destination: Praha-Holesovice
Date of arrival: Fr, 31.10.2008
Date of departure: Sa, 01.11.2008

德國柏林 說:
德國柏林 說:
德國柏林 說:
德國柏林 說:
德國柏林 說:
Berlin!!!!!! 說:
德國柏林 說:
Berlin!!!!!! 說:
德國柏林 說:
Berlin!!!!!! 說:
德國柏林 說:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:00:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:00:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:00:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:01:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:01:
右邊有個Map of the City十分好用
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:01:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:02:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:03:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:10:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:10:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:17:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:18:
在地圖的右上角有一站叫做 "Schonhauser Allee"( o上面有兩點)
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:19:
在那一站附近的區域,到往南邊兩站的"Eberswalder Str."周邊
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:19:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:21:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:32:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:33:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:33:
上方有一站Oranienburger Str.
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:34:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:35:
到附近的Hachescher Markt以及Weinmerster Str.附近
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:35:
就是我說的藝廊區囉There is a very stylish one in the NEUE SCHÖNHAUSER STR.
near Hackescher Markt , S-Bahn, Berlin

Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:35:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:35:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:35:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:36:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:58:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:58:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:58:
叫作Hebbel Theater
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:59:
Tschuess, Berlin 已送出 2008/9/24 下午 01:59:



Kreutzberg: schlesisches tor, grafitti
oranienstraße, a street with many cool shops,

shop: hands up (10997 Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Schlesische Str. 19)
ES(Schlesische Straße 38b, Berlin-Kreuzberg)

prenzlauer berg eberswalder straße: kastanienallee, (街)

店Pauls Boutique
Oderbergerstraße 45 und 47
10435 Berlin
Rockabilly Vintage
Kopenhagener Straße 69, 10437 Berlin

Friedrichshain bar graffiti

Oranienburger Str. hand shops in NEUE SCHÖNHAUSER STR, near Hackescher Markt及Weinmerster Str. Lots of Art gallery中午十二點到下午六七點間 Mitte區藝廊

C’est Tout
Mulackstraße 26
10119 Berlin

店Alte Schönhauser Straße 6

27 Bastian Boesner prenzlauer berg
28Lucia Schmorell Friedrichshain,
31big head

Arkonaplatz, Mitte 10435 Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

Boxhagener Platz, Friedrichshain.


Take the subway to Slussen and go up the Götgatan entrance, you'll be right in a great shopping area.
Weekday ( must visit!)
There's also a nice galleria on Götsgatsbacken called Brunogallerian, it's quite small but good.

Then walk to the "Sofo" area, south of Folkungatan, and just stroll through Bondegatan, is home to many hot boutiques
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and Grandpa
Lisa Larsson Bondegtan 48 Fri 13 - 18 Saturday 11 - 15
Beyond Retro is on Åsögatan 144.
Tjallamalla Bondegatan 46 Friday noon-6 pm, Saturday noon-4 pm

Grandpa Söder
Södermannagatan 21
116 40 Stockholm
Lördag: 11:00 - 17:00 Söndag: 12:00 - 16.00


and the streets that cross them.

There is also
Judys on hornsgatan and
sivletto on malmgårdsvägen.

PK-huset around strandgatan

take the subway or walk to Mariatorget on Söder, it's a really cosy area and on Hornsgatan 75 there's a vintage shop called Judits Second-Hand, which is womans only,

a great cafe called String on Södermalm
Cafe Rival at Mariatorget on Södermalm

in Birger Jarlspassagen on Birger Jarlsgatan there are a couple of shops. One is called Le Shop too and they stock Vivienne Westwood and other good brands.

3 Beyond Retro secondhand shop
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm
one on Åsogatan.
Åsögatan 144, 116 24 Stockholm,

one in SOUK mall in the centre of Stockholm on Drottningatan (inside of Top Shop), Drottninggatan 53,

one behind that Mäster Samuelsgatan 56, 105 17 Stockholm,


Kulturhuset at Sergelstorg

Debaser at Slussen and Debaser Medis at
Medborgarplatsen. Great music and good drinks :)

Sankt Eriksgatan 48
112 34 Stockholm
Friday from 12 to 6 (but sometimes longer) and on Saturdays from 12 to 4.

Acne's shop, Norrmalmstorg, which is right down the road from NK, that's where Acne's shop is,Whyred NEARBY

Beneath on Kungsholmen, subway: Fridhemsplan there is a big mall by Fridhemsplan that have some cool stores you may be interested in.


At Retro (Perlová 4)
At Old Town boutique Laly (Stupartskà 3),
The art/design-school students that run Fashionshop Parazit (Karlova 25 - Alternatiff Area, Praha 1,) create entirely new ensembles using recycled vintage pieces.
Galerie Art Deco (Michalská 21)
Quasimodo Vintage Fashion (Vladislavova 17), hidden away in a courtyard in Prague 1, sells both secondhand and vintage clothes as well as loads of accessories for a decent price.
The Megasekac (Hlavní Nádraží train station and other locations)
largest of the lot is located at Hlavni Nadrazi
Bri-tex (Karlovarská, in Autosalon Klokočka and Koberce K+K komplex) imports secondhand clothing from Britain.
Backstage is a nice find on Týn street
Quasimodo Vintage Fashion (Vladislavova street) has sister´s shop one level higher
archway Platýz (everyone who likes art knows that´s place where Zlatá loď "Golden ship" - art equipmnet shop is located).
beautiful shop called Pour Pour (Voršilská 6)
Buštehrad market, 20 minutes away from Prague (you can take a bus straight to Buštehrad at Dejvická). with a wide range of items. Market days are every other Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (you can check the calendar at www.bustehrad.cz).

Smoking Woman (Italská 16).
close to the Vinohradská theater and the Czech National Radio station
Five minutes away, at Moravská 6, you can find Toalette (which also has an outlet at Karolíny Svetlé 9),

K-Oukey (Karolíny Svetlé 9, U Radnice 6, Krakovská 19 and Od Simona Krakov).

Šatnik (Konvitská 13)

Ráj (Václaské námestí 27),

life is definded by trips,and people i bump into


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