Funky Forest: The First Contact and stuff


here are a list of my newly fav Nippon films, some of them are barely heard even in Japan, but some are considered 'hits'. depends on the directors and casts. but just remember no familiar faces in a film doen't suggest which is a lame one, vice versa.

I am just amazed by how Japanese can precisely depict the filthy, uncanny, whimsical thoughts bursting in brain normally for just 0.0000000001 second and turn them into ...not just one, not nust ten, but volume cult or cute or B or whatever you would like to call- films. if you are that kind of person somehow ridiculious ideas and pictures are just pop out in secret part of brain of and sometimes cant manage to control your facial muscle so that creppy and retarded grins will land on your faces, then you will definitely feel vaguely familiar while watching these
cult or whatever-you-like-to-call filmssssssss,

Enjoy and dont forgot you live in the ea of web.2.o so these flims arent difficult to be found.

1.Funky Forest: The First Contact

2. 映画「全然大丈夫」オフィシャルサイトaka Fine, Totally Fine

5+ 变态五星级/Survive Style 5+

4.Kamikaze Girls(most famous one, you can watch it on youtube)

5.Cafe Isobe(relaticely normal one,but sweet and full of daily-fun)

6.転々/ Adrift in Tokyo , yeah, its all about walking around in Tokyo, isnt it attractive enough??

plus u got a super good-looking slob out there who unexpetedly make u cry in the end!!!!

7. 茶の味 this one is beyond FANTASTIC,slowly slowly drag me into a tiny calm spirling world

And, here are some special dish for fans of Battle Royale

but these are something much much sicker and stronger, like this:

people will feel nauscious or pleasure ..to somebody

they are:

1. visitor Q

2.Za ginipiggu series.

1、Devil's Experiment 1985
2、Flowers Of Flesh And Blood 1985
3、He Never Dies 1986
4、Devil Woman Doctor 1990
5、Android Of Notre Dame 1988
6、Mermaid In A Manhole 1988

I just tried the first one and I dont think I can handle this.

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