electric food

For mummy!!

Easter is coming!!
better double teeth-brushing to cope with the sweet attack of bunny poose

Since I've trapped in the Thesis swamp like 2 monthes, and planed to open a vintage shop in Taiwan in the near future, I found myself bunch of execuse to do retail therap on a regular basis, and it TURNS OUT AZAZING. I mean, I feel just good and all my friends love my room.

Not to mention I just live somewhere like 5 minutes walking distance to 2 redcross shop and a morning flea market. Plus, Jonkoping, which is the 9th BIGGEST city in Sweden, wowowow, means basically everything can be reached by just keeping walking. My room is getting crowded and I feel like I am making a roommate, who is built by those lovely little gadgets I got these days.

the only exit for a shopholic, who is, not born rich, not somebldy's daughter, is TO OPEN YOUR OWN SHOP! girls and boys, lets open a shop and make the dream come true!!!!


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