independent labels in Taiwan

Those well-established local young labels, well. Most of them are, pratically shitty & pretentious, since they are used to 'be inspired' by other designers, take reference of those labels which Taiwanese people are not so familiar with...

Neeed I say more, they are stealing ideas from other labels, more than copycat, its plagiarism.

These indie people claim to be original, independent, and set the price relatively high in order to be distinctive, which makes them even more repulsive.

Considering the fact that connection talks in Asian culture, other people in this littly tiny circle dont talk much about this phenomena even they know exactly what's going on.

Of course I wish I could say how proud I am of Taiwanese labels but I just can't lie...local labels can never go international since if they do, I bet it takes no second for othr bloggers to point out the similarity between their collection and, like, daniel'palillo's. And they knew it,

This vicious circle somehow makes some real 'designers' get trapped in here,too.

As a shop owner I see no point stocking local works, having any contacts with them in any form.(This doesn't matte for them, they have their own shops in the most expensive area and make tons of money). I am ,pathetically, extremely cynical when it comes to 'Taiwanese local designer labels'.

However, there is one label which I see as an original design label(sadly what makes this label special to me is purely because it refuses to play those tricks) so far in Taiwan.DWARFCLOWN

The truth is,there are so many talented people strugging to be seen,

I don't know any of them but their works just too good to be skipped.

They are newly emerging designers all graduated from Shih Chien University

sorce: 临 骘岊's photostream

then,ohhhhhhhhhh, I am so in love with this detailed creations



what we need to do is, dont be blinded by so-called indie labels, break the habit of being silent. if you see somethign is wrong, point it out and let others know.

shout out loud for those real 'original designers'.

In this way those tacky lame labels will be forced to stop plagiarism.
understanding they can no more make money by creating replica, maybe they will start hiring,cooperating with real designers and this will help 'real desing from Taiwan' speaks out.

Please be conscious of what you are wearing


Louise said...

Wow, you're so right right, there is some amazing work here. Hurray for genuine creativity!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I just got serious goosebumps from some of these pics. God, I love fashion. Stumbled onto you via The Coveted. Nice to "meet" you!. I've just started following your blog. Look forward in glimpsing the world through your stylish eyes!

Tiger Finger said...

Hey, nice to meet you, tooo!

Just love raw designs,

I will keep scooping more of those beautiful souls and works!


clever hole-texture.