I am a pimp connecting beautiful souls to beautiful things,

Stacy studied Statistics, and then Criminology in Taiwan before she left for Sweden to study Art management, or something like that. After 3 months in Europe, she realized she is a vintage shopaholic,and is born to be either a criminal or a shop owner. One lonesome night of December, 2008. she made up her mind to open a 'whatever it is' to process the overbying problem. At the same time, she kept it in mind that she wants to do something no one ever does. In the following 10 minutes she came out of a pseudonym: Tiger Finger.

There are some European designers/labels Stacy is constantly haunted by,
kinda love/hate relationship,
which are
minimarket from Sweden,
Diana Orving from Sweden,
reality studio from Germany,
Vladimir Karaleev from Germany,
Bless rom Germany,
Natascha Stolle from the States,

2 years passing,

Back to Taiwan, she runs a small 'whatver it is' on some 2nd floor.

Sitting in the living room waiting for beautiful souls is her daily project.
It is kinda fun to meet up quirky people.

She still hasn't found out what exactly she wants in her life, so far.

However, there are severl points carved in her wooden heart

she would kill to have beautiful, original and raw creations at Tiger Finger.

She wants Taiwanese designers to be seen,
She wants copycats to disappear,
She wants Taiwanese boyz and girls to have more options

She wants to be green-headed

She wanna make cool people and their art works visible,
More importantly, she definitely knows,
being capable of helping people she likes,
she needs to be stong, mature, open-minded and (a bit rich).

I know, I know, I know, and this is what I am doing now.