I am having Species by the Thousands in my house!

listen to their murmuring from Bruklin:

Species by the Thousands: plants, animals, friends, lovers, monsters, goblins, ghosts, flowers and respect for the environment.

Species by the Thousands
there are bunchs of beautiful, fashionable, lovely and chic labels out there,
and thanks to bloggers its not hard to get to know them.
However only few of them are....spiritualized..

Sounds creppy and hypocrite I know.

Maybe its just me, but in my opinion.

A label being lovely and unique is no more enough.

A label should have bones and soul which nurture their loveable apparance,
otherwise it just mirage, and totally replaceable.

whats the difference beteen a designer piece and its knockoff despite the qualiy?

So is a shop, a person, a camera, a poetry, a song, a band, a boy ,a girl,

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